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Is a Los Angeles based Photographer and Director known for her

stellar and unique lighting style, color and art direction.

Beginning her career in New York City after graduating from the

Minneapolis College of Art and Design where her artistic gifts were honed. Utilizing her many creative talents together including fashion design, set design, painting, wardrobe styling, film and graphic design, she has made her indelible mark on the world of Fashion and Photography. Specializing in celebrity, portraits, fashion, beauty, music and the entertainment industry.


Sequoia’s work celebrates diversity, strength and empowerment.

Her unique style has been inspired and shaped by the vibrant art scenes and pop culture of New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Through her art, she creates magical wonderlands of fashion, music & art that is dripping with color and texture.

Her photographs have appeared on album art and in advertising

campaigns, gallery shows, music videos, and she has appeared in

numerous magazines and publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, V Magazine, Paper, Flaunt, Wonderland, Photobook Magazine and People Magazine. Clients include: Netflix, Disney, Peacock, Hulu, Mattel, Folx health,

Grindr, Daylight Banking, E Entertainment and more.


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